About us

Science Connect Ltd. is a Center of Excellence for conducting research on environment and development, providing professional services in a number of fields such as terrestrial environment, water resources, forest and ecology, ecosystem services, agriculture, fisheries, power, energy and climate change.

Science Connect Ltd. uses state-of-the-art technologies namely geo-informatics that includes GIS and space and air-borne technologies, apply information technology, modeling and capable of employing social-science research techniques and tools. It works both independently and in collaboration with the national and international academic and research institutions, Government and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) of the country.

Chairman's Message

Nandini Sanyal


The journey of mankind had never been smooth during the evolutionary process – the struggle against wild nature for survival, strives for necessary food production, settling disputes among people/societies through wars and reconciliation, development of social norms and civic agencies for mutually respectful co-existence are the remarkable episodes of achievements that contributed human being to come to this stage..


MD's Message

Kamruzzaman Nayem

Managing Director

Challenge management has become regular activities for local communities, national governments and international agencies for overcoming existing crisis and at the same time plan for future progress. The change happened in the world order and progress in establishing global institutions since World War II helped the global community to flourish manifolds compared to the times of oppressive doctrines and colonial periods.