Chairman’s Message

Nandini Sanyal


The journey of mankind had never been smooth during the evolutionary process

The journey of mankind had never been smooth during the evolutionary process – the struggle against wild nature for survival, strives for necessary food production, settling disputes among people/societies through wars and reconciliation, development of social norms and civic agencies for mutually respectful co-existence are the remarkable episodes of achievements that contributed human being to come to this stage. We, the contemporary generations, are extremely fortunate to experience and enjoy the benefits of progress that resulted from all the actions performed by thousand, millions of our past generations. In that consideration our current existence is rooted on huge amount of ethical debts to our past generations. At this stage of development we see tremendous progress in science, technology and communication, for instance, marvelous scientific missions are facilitating to receive signals from spacecraft Voyager 1 and 2, currently travelling more than 25 billion kilometers far from the Earth in the interstellar space after 43 years of their launch, the production of oxygen from carbon dioxide by rover Perseverance in the Martian surface etc. On the other hand, millions of people are dying every year from hunger, disease, war and security concerns – the conditions of women, children, the elderly and the disabled are terrible in most of the instances. In these contexts of polarized world power, wealth and scientific advancements in one side and inequality, sufferings and struggles for securing basic human rights on the other hand are happening in parallel. COVID-19 pandemic have appeared as an added dimension to the existing set of challenges and shattered the world in such a way that will force us to think replacing many of the longstanding systems with innovative actions that should be ethically correct, equitable and inclusive. It is also important to note that we have to be respectful to the need of the next generation in the similar way our ancestors contributed in paving our way to live and thrive. We have currently scores of challenges in hand such as rapid degradation of natural resources, environmental pollution, climate change induced threats, disasters with high magnitude and intensity, different dimensions of development challenges, the current episode of Covid-19 pandemic including the emerging threats from unknown other types of disease pathogens. These challenges occur not in sequential order, one-after-another; rather multiple challenges occur at once, in many instances, making the impact conditions complicated, critical and sometimes leave the societies in the point of no return. In this contexts, we need science than ever before for deeper understanding of the challenges and combine it with other branches of knowledge like social sciences, humanities and financial-business affairs so that multi-dimensional, super-complicated contemporary problems could be properly examined, understood and addressed. Science Connect Ltd. (SCL) aspires to work in the disciplinary interface where scientific methods, tools, data will extensively be used to address various forms of socio-economic-environmental and development challenges. This way effective planning can be done, appropriate interventions can be designed and implemented and the progress on ground could be measured. Finally, we need to remind ourselves that mankind is still progressing through the evolutionary process that started millions of years ago, maybe we are doing our own way, and SCL believes that we have to do our part of actions for the wellbeing of current society and also for the future generations. I think the future generations will judge our actions whether we did our part correctly on the balance of ‘ethical debts’ and I am sure will succeed now and in the future.

The journey of mankind had never been smooth during the evolutionary process

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