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Fostering Knowledge Production Through Collaboration


Knowledge production is at the core of Science Connect Ltd.’s mission. To achieve this, we engage in dynamic partnership projects with both local and foreign universities, esteemed think tanks, and regional collaborators. These partnerships drive interdisciplinary research, employing a blend of science and social science methods when needed. Through our collaborations, we have formed strong connections with academic institutions and knowledge centers worldwide, advancing our shared goal of expanding knowledge horizons.


Our Approach

  • Collaborative Endeavors: We thrive on collaboration and actively seek partnerships with academic institutions and knowledge centers that share our commitment to advancing knowledge and promoting positive change.


  • Interdisciplinary Excellence: Our research methodology embraces interdisciplinary approaches, blending science and social science methods. This holistic approach enables us to tackle complex challenges comprehensively.


Past and Ongoing Partnerships

  • IDS, University of Sussex (UK): We have had the privilege of collaborating with IDS, University of Sussex, UK, on impactful research projects. This partnership has enriched our understanding of critical issues and expanded our global reach.


  • Brunel University of London (UK): Our partnership with Brunel University of London, UK, has facilitated research initiatives that drive societal improvement. Together, we’ve explored new frontiers of knowledge.


  • Asian Institute of Technology (AIT, Thailand): Our collaboration with AIT, Thailand, has opened doors to innovative research endeavors. This partnership fosters the exchange of insights and expertise between regions.


Future Collaborations

  • Expanding Horizons: Science Connect Ltd. is continuously developing new partnership activities to further our mission. We seek opportunities to collaborate with institutions that align with our values and goals.


Join Us in Advancing Knowledge

Science Connect Ltd. invites you to join us in our pursuit of knowledge expansion and positive change. Explore our past and ongoing partnerships, and stay tuned for exciting future collaborations. Together, we can shape a brighter and more informed world.

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