Thematic and Geographical Focus

Science Connect believes that curbing environmental degradation, stabilizing both macro and micro climatic conditions are the key to harness ecosystem services sustainably and that is pivotal to ensure food and livelihoods security of people wherever they live – whether in coastal areas or deltaic plains, hills or valleys, cities or peri-urban areas, wetlands or riparian areas in the floodplains. The types of challenges in different ecosystems are generally unique while some challenges are identical and overlapping. Science Connect considers that focusing on four thematic domains will help to build a mutually respectful, sustainable, resilient society. The thematic domains are, (i) Environment and Ecosystem Services, (ii) Gender Equality and Inclusion, (iii) Science Innovation and Technology for Environment and Society (iv) Disaster Management and Climate Change. The thematic activities will be implemented in four geographical areas such as (i), coasts, floodplains and offshore islands (ii), urban or peri-urban areas (iii), hills and valleys, (v) Wetlands and riparian areas.

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