Remote Sensing and Geospatial Applications

Remote Sensing and Geospatial Applications

Area of Expertise

·       Satellite image processing

·       Land use/land cover classification

·       Monitoring & damage assessment of Disasters including flood & erosion

·       Analysis of spatial and temporal data derived from satellite images

·       GIS Mapping and spatial analysis

·       GIS based application development

·       GIS enabled web mapping and geo-spatial solution

·       GIS based MIS and Decision Support System (DSS) development

·       GIS training for capacity building to organizations and teams of individuals 

Why We Stand Out

Technology Integration: We combine various high-tech surveying methods for results that are both accurate and comprehensive.

Customized Solutions: Every survey is tailored to the specific needs and objectives of your project.

Experienced Team: Our skilled surveyors are adept at leveraging these technologies to deliver precise and reliable data.

Application geo-spatial data/methods is one the key strengths of Science Connect which is extensively used while revealing the gaps in reading both the environment and the society. The abundance of satellite data from archives and new acquisitions in combination of other data have opened up tremendously big avenues to see the unseen and accordingly help in data-driven decision making for state-agencies and other stakeholders.

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