Private Sector Partnership

Fostering Resilience and Community Wellbeing


Science Connect Ltd. recognizes the immense value and potential of private sector agencies in creating diverse opportunities that positively impact community wellbeing. Our belief in the strength and values of the private sector drives our commitment to partnering with these agencies. Through these collaborations, we aim to foster mutual cooperation, enhance the resilience of production processes and supply chains, and ensure equitable benefit sharing among all stakeholders. Our partnerships with esteemed private sector agencies such as Oxfam, WFP, KEC International Ltd. (India) and Doreen Power (Bangladesh) exemplify our dedication to making a meaningful difference.


Our Approach

  • Mutual Cooperation: We believe that collaboration with the private sector is fundamental to achieving shared goals. Our approach is built on the principles of mutual cooperation and collective progress.
  • Resilience Building: Our partnerships aim to strengthen the resilience of production processes and supply chains, making them more robust in the face of shocks and uncertainties.
  • Equitable Benefit Sharing: We are committed to ensuring that the benefits derived from these collaborations are shared equitably among all parties involved.


Past and Ongoing Collaborations

  • KEC International Ltd. (India): Our partnership with KEC International Ltd. in India has resulted in impactful consultancy services that drive positive change. Together, we’ve explored innovative solutions for community wellbeing.
  • Doreen Power (Bangladesh): Our collaboration with Doreen Power in Bangladesh has exemplified the power of private sector partnerships in addressing critical societal issues. We’ve worked together to create opportunities for communities and promote equitable development.


Future Collaborations

  • Expanding Possibilities: Science Connect Ltd. is committed to expanding the horizons of private sector partnerships. We seek opportunities to collaborate with agencies that share our vision of a better, more resilient, and inclusive world.


Join Us in Fostering Positive Change

Science Connect Ltd. invites you to join us in our mission to harness the strengths of the private sector for community wellbeing. Explore our past and ongoing collaborations and stay tuned for exciting future partnerships. Together, we can make a lasting impact on society. [Discover Our Collaborations]

Become Our Partner

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