Development Goals and Resilience

Accelerating Progress in Developing Nations

🌍 National and Global Alignments In nations like Bangladesh, significant strides are being made towards addressing critical challenges such as poverty eradication, environmental degradation, and enhancing public services. To achieve these goals, countries adopt time-bound, locally developed strategies, like Bangladesh’s 8th Five Year Plan, Vision 2041, and Delta Plan 2100. These strategies are crafted in alignment with international frameworks like the SDGs (2015-2030), SFDRR (2015-2030), and the Paris Agreement.

Science Connect’s Role


Bridging Data Gaps with Science and Technology

Data-Driven Solutions: At Science Connect, we are strategically positioned to offer insights on utilizing science and technology for generating vital data, filling existing data gaps.


Contributing to Resilience Targets

Regional Focus: Our expertise extends to assisting Bangladesh and neighboring regions in achieving their development and resiliency goals.


Informed Decision Making

Empowering Strategies: Providing data and insights for informed policy-making and strategy development.

Our Commitment to Sustainable Development

  • Strategic Guidance: We offer recommendations on harnessing science and technology for sustainable progress and resilience building in line with national and international goals.

Connect with Us for Development Solutions

  • Explore how we can assist in achieving your development and resilience objectives.

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