Vision & Mission

Our Mission

The strategic actions that may characterize the mission of the organization are three-folds. These are as follows,

  • Work for the society towards evidence-informed decision making and connecting science with the problem-solving environment.
  • Perform capacity building actions in the public domain involving learners, professionals, communities on the value of science; promote creativity and responsible application of science in a variety of needs.
  • Act as the voice for the people who are vulnerable and for the environment that is disturbed based on the principles of inclusiveness, equity and sustainability.

Our Vision

Creating an enabling atmosphere where societal challenges in five capital areas, i.e. natural, physical, social, economic, ecological functions and processes are understood better based on systematic and analytical processes using scientific data, methods, tools and the strength of integration of disciplines.

Become Our Partner

There are various ways you can contribute to our goal, whether you want to join our team, form a partnership, or contribute to our purpose. Go to contact