Volunteering (Nature conservation, social development, equitable sharing of production benefit)

The current challenges including the COVID-19 pandemic showed that egotism and self-centered actions of human being over the decades left the world to the point of self-defeat. Science Connect believes that time has come to promote volunteering throughout the society and regions where people will devote their actions towards collective benefits. Science Connect is currently engaged with PRISM (India) to promote volunteering in areas of environmental conservation, improvement of health conditions, advocacy and awareness raising on pandemic issues. The PRISM (India) and Science Connect are also organizing ‘River Walk’ actions where community and student volunteers walk along the river with specific objectives such as knowing the roles of rivers on our sustenance and wellbeing, why rivers should be protected etc. The values volunteers learn and experiences they gather through the actions also scribe deep scar in their minds that they may hold throughout the life – Science Connect pay big attention in conceptualizing, designing, promoting a range of volunteering actions towards the benefits of the environment and society.

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