Hydro-morphological study and bathymetric survey

Innovative Analysis Using RS-GIS Technology

🌊 Advanced Morphological Studies we specialize in conducting comprehensive studies on river, delta, and coastal morphologies. Utilizing a unique method based on Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System (RS-GIS) technology, we integrate spatial and hydro-morphological information. This approach allows us to accurately predict and monitor morphological changes and riverbank erosion, essential for environmental management and infrastructure planning.

Our Specialized Services

  1. Morphological Change Prediction
  • Predictive Analysis: Using GIS technology to forecast future changes in river and coastal landscapes.
  • Erosion Monitoring: Identifying potential areas of bank erosion and proposing preventive measures.
  1. Morphological and Planform Analysis
  • Comprehensive Evaluation: Assessing the shape and form of rivers and coasts to understand their evolving dynamics.
  • Impact Assessment: Studying the implications of these changes on surrounding environments and communities.
  1. Dredging Optimization
  • Navigation Maintenance: Developing strategies for dredging that ensure the navigability of major rivers without disrupting ecological balance.

Why Our Services Matter

  • Environmental Protection: Our studies aid in safeguarding river and coastal ecosystems.
  • Infrastructure Safety: Predictive analyses help in planning and protecting infrastructure against natural changes.
  • Sustainable Management: Ensuring the ecological balance while maintaining human activities like navigation.

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