Environmental Valuation

Assessing the True Value of Nature

Importance of Environmental Health The well-being of a country’s environment is pivotal, providing continuous support from land, forest, air, and water-based natural resources. At Science Connect, we recognize the immense value these resources hold for sustainable development and environmental conservation.  In doing that the nation states follow locally developed time-bound strategies to achieve targets (such as 8th Five Year Plan, Vision 2041, Delta Plan 2100 for Bangladesh). These national long term strategies are generally made aligned with international strategic instruments like SDG 2015-2030, SFDRR 2015-2030, Paris Agreement etc. Science Connect is placed in a very good position from where suggestions can be given on how to use science and technologies for producing necessary (new data and data generation for updating the existing data) data to fulfill the data gaps to attain development goals and resiliency-targets in Bangladesh and the region.

Our Approach to Environmental Valuation

Multidisciplinary Expertise

Diverse Knowledge: Our team, with its varied backgrounds and expertise, is committed to uncovering critical data that reveals the true worth of environmental assets.

Economic Appraisals

Economic Perspective: Conducting thorough economic analyses to quantify the value of environmental resources, guiding policy and investment decisions.

State of the Environment Examination

Comprehensive Assessment: Evaluating the current condition of the environment to understand its health and productivity.

Sustainable Use Recommendations

Actionable Strategies: Providing recommendations for the sustainable utilization of natural resources, ensuring their preservation for future generations.

Why Choose Science Connect

  • Informed Decisions: Our insights help in making informed decisions that balance economic growth with environmental stewardship.
  • Sustainable Future: We aim to safeguard the green treasures of nature, contributing to a sustainable and prosperous future.

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