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At Science Connect, we are dedicated to advancing knowledge through rigorous research and fostering a culture of accessibility. We understand the challenges associated with publishing in peer-reviewed processes, which can often limit the reach of valuable insights, particularly in developing countries. Additionally, we recognize that a wealth of critical local knowledge remains hidden in the realm of “grey literature,” unshared and untapped.


Our Commitment

  • Bridging the Accessibility Gap: We have assembled a panel of expert reviewers and established robust protocols to transform “grey literature” into formally published materials. Our goal is to ensure that valuable local knowledge is no longer hidden in the shadows but brought to light through formal publication.
  • Empowering Local Researchers: By providing a platform for locally based researchers to share their findings, we aim to encourage and empower individuals to contribute their insights, enriching the global knowledge landscape.
  • Serving Society’s Needs: Our mission is to deepen our understanding of society’s heartbeat by making this vital “grey literature” accessible to all. We believe that such insights are invaluable in shaping policies and practices for a better future.


Our Publication Initiatives

  • Grey to White: Our expert panel meticulously reviews and prepares “grey literature” for formal publication, ensuring that it meets the rigorous standards of peer-reviewed processes.
  • Local Voices, Global Impact: We amplify the voices of local researchers, enabling their findings to resonate on a global scale. Our publications cover a wide array of topics, addressing pressing issues and shedding light on unique perspectives.
  • Knowledge for Progress: We firmly believe that knowledge is a catalyst for positive change. By making valuable research accessible, we aim to contribute to informed decision-making, policy development, and the betterment of society.


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