Topographic survey using Total Stations, RTK, Drones and archived spot heights

Topographic Survey Services

Precision Mapping with Advanced Technology

Cutting-Edge Surveying Techniques We at SCL bring the forefront of surveying technology to your projects. Our topographic surveys are conducted using advanced tools such as Total Stations, Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) systems, Drones, and by integrating archived spot heights. This combination of modern technology and historical data ensures the most comprehensive and accurate terrain analysis.

Survey Process

  1. Total Stations

Pinpoint Accuracy: Ideal for capturing precise distance and angle measurements, especially beneficial in construction, landscaping, and architectural projects.

Application: Utilized for detailed site planning, boundary delineation, and structural measurements.

  1. Real-Time Kinematic (RTK)

Satellite Precision: Offers centimeter-level accuracy by correcting GPS signals, crucial for large-scale land development and agricultural planning.

Speed and Efficiency: Rapid data collection speeds up the survey process, allowing for timely project execution.

  1. Drone Surveys

Broad Coverage: Provides an expansive overview of large or difficult-to-access areas, perfect for environmental impact assessments and urban planning.

Versatile Imaging: Capable of capturing high-resolution photographs and 3D terrain models, aiding in detailed analysis and visualization.

  1. Archived Spot Heights

Historical Context: Integrates past terrain data, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of land changes over time.

Enhanced Accuracy: Augments current survey data, offering a richer, more nuanced topographical picture.

Why Our Topographic Surveys Stand Out

Technology Integration: We combine various high-tech surveying methods for results that are both accurate and comprehensive.

Customized Solutions: Every survey is tailored to the specific needs and objectives of your project.

Experienced Team: Our skilled surveyors are adept at leveraging these technologies to deliver precise and reliable data.

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