Workshop on Baseline survey of Climate Justice and Natural Resource Rights condition of Bangladesh

During the early hours of October 4th, an abrupt surge in water flow within the Teesta River triggered catastrophic flooding across Sikkim, leading to extensive infrastructure damage and significant resource loss in multiple districts. The repercussions also extended to Kalimpong District in West Bengal, resulting in the destruction of 48 households, damage to 79 more, and growing concerns about potential disease outbreaks and heightened risks to vulnerable populations. The human toll currently stands at 36 lives lost, with 79 individuals reported as missing, and 1781 houses have been damaged. Additionally, 7575 animals have been affected by this disaster, and the toll is anticipated to rise as search and rescue efforts continue Understanding the severity of the disaster, Sphere India along with CARN-AP, PRISM and Science Connect is organizing a session aiming to initiate a dialogue in understanding the causes and impacts of the Sikkim Flood

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